Storm Panels

The QuickGuard® System underwent rigorous testing by a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory and exceeded the requirement of Dade County Hurricane Code,(PA 201-94), for Large Missile Impact. The QuickGuard Panel withstood a 9lb.2 X 4 missile shot out of an air cannon at a speed of over 50 Ft. Per Second. The missile bounced off the QuickGuard Panel preventing any damage to the panel or the glass behind it.

QuickGuard® also exceeded the requirements for Dade County Code (PA 202-94) Structural Test and (PA203-94)Wind Cyclic Test for negative pressure (pulling glass in) and positive pressure, (pushing glass out) withstanding winds up to 150+MPH. Meeting the requirements of these three (3) tests made QuickGuard Panels an effective barrier against flying debris, driving rain and hurricane force winds.

QuickGuard® Storm Panel System, a new patent pending concept born out of the necessity to combat the effects of our ever changing weather patterns such as hurricane force wind, driving rains, flying debris and severe storms causing damage to your windows and doors, shattering the glass, exposing the contents of your home to the raw elements.

QuickGuard® Storm Panel System was designed and engineered utilizing the technical skills of a team of experts to be lightweight, maintenance free, and be strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds, but above all be attractive and affordable.

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