Underside of red striped retractable awning installed above back deck

How Do Awnings Help You Reduce Energy Costs?

Awnings are a powerful yet underrated tool that many overlook. Besides decorating a home or property, they can significantly impact a building’s energy consumption and reduce overall costs throughout the year. If you’re looking for a way to make your property more eco-friendly, learn more about how this valuable outdoor fixture can be the number one way to do so.

Are Awnings Eco-Friendly?

Awnings are an incredibly eco-friendly option for homeowners. In fact, a recent 50-city survey by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association found that installing awnings can save you up to $200 in energy costs each year.

These home additions provide a natural way to control your home’s temperature and help you cut down on A/C usage during the warmer months. In the winter, you can pull retractable awnings back to allow sunlight to naturally warm your home and reduce the need to turn up the heat. This versatility helps you use less energy and lower your carbon footprint while you’re at it.

5 Ways Awnings Help You Save Energy

Lower Indoor Temperatures

During the warmer months, awnings are your first line of defense against the sun’s rays. By installing awnings over windows and doors, you have a protective barrier that prevents indoor spaces from direct sunlight. The extra shade helps maintain cooler indoor temperatures,  reducing the need for continuous air conditioning.

Protect Against UV Rays

UV rays are a big reason why heat builds up within your home. By blocking these rays, awnings reduce the temperature increase caused by direct sunlight. Awnings made from special materials that block UV rays can also protect your skin and prevent your furniture from fading.

Extend Outdoor Living Spaces

Awnings transform your outdoor areas into comfortable, usable spaces, even on scorching summer days. This extension of your living space encourages everyone to go outdoors, which reduces the burden on your home’s A/C system. Whether it’s enjoying lunch on the porch or relaxing in the shade, an awning-covered area provides a fantastic retreat.

Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Awnings placed over windows significantly reduce solar heat gain, which is when a building’s temperature goes up due to the sun shining through glass windows and doors. Doing this helps you keep the inside of your property much more comfortable.

Shade Windows and Doors

Shading your home’s windows and doors with awnings can lead to significant energy savings over time. This strategy blocks the heat from entering your home, naturally keeping everything much cooler. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, especially during warmer months.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill With A New Awning

Investing in high-quality awnings is a functional and financial decision that can massively improve your home’s efficiency. Over time, you’ll save hundreds on your energy bill each year, making these fixtures a wise investment if you want to cut down costs while living more sustainably. At Rollup Awnings, we have a wide selection of awnings available to help you protect your home or property. Please contact us at (800) 445-7655 to schedule an estimate and learn more about our products today.

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