Awning Craftsmanship


All Retractable Awning Systems Are Not Created Equally!

Quality and Style

Rollup Awnings combines the remarkable qualities of Style, Elegance, Comfort, Durability, Dependability and Quality in a Sleek Tubular Patented Design Retractable Lateral Arm Awning System to Enhance your Home.

Rollup has the facility to fabricate and construct unique mounting methods to meet or exceed many types of unusual applications that might be required. All special mounting bracketry are fabricated right here at our own facility.


1. Fully Enclosed Tubular Housing

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

When retracted, your awning is fully concealed in a tubular housing that protects the fabric and motor mechanism from weather, dirt, mildew and water infiltration. Your awning and parts last longer. An additional Exclusive Rollup Feature, an inner clear poly-carbonate liner protects the fabric and motor or gear from the elements.

2. Chainlink Windflex Arms®

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

Specially engineered to flex with the wind, this system acts like a shock absorber. Constantly keeping tension on the fabric in any position, removing stress from the arms. No cables or bicycle chains to wear, fray, stretch and break.

3. Wiperbar

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

A self-cleaning feature for longer-lasting fabric. Rolling up your awning automatically wipes away excess water, twigs, leaves and dirt. Practically Maintenance Free.

4. Adjustable Pitch

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

A specially designed C-Collar Bracket allows for easy pitch adjustment up to 180 degrees. Effectively protects you from the heat and the sun’s harmful rays, and even from the rain when installed with adequate pitch. No Poles or Supports Required.

5. Construction

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

The awning frame system is constructed of extruded aluminum and tempered to meet or exceed industry standards. All aluminum surfaces are powder coated to prevent peeling, discoloration or corrosion. The front bar seals the housing, arms and fabric when your awning is rolled up.

5a. Rollup’s coordinating front bar decorating color strip.
5b. A decorative scallop, the perfect finishing touch, is easily removed for off-season storage.
5c. One piece seamless construction to 32 feet. The largest one-piece awning in the retractable awning industry.

6. Hardware

All nuts, bolts, screws and supports are made of high quality stainless steel eliminating corrosion. All moving joints are built with iolite self lubricating bronze bushings. No lubrication required.

7. Fabric

Backed by Rollup’s Industry-Setting non pro-rated 10-year Fabric Warranty

Rollup has selected from the finest weavers in Europe an exclusive collection of fabrics in vibrant colors and patterns of solids, stripes and textures. Our fabrics are water, dirt and mildew resistant.

8. Operation

Choose an easy-to-operate manual crank or a sealed tubular gear motor totally housed and concealed inside the fabric tube to protect the motor from the elements.

Gear—Beveled Gear 3:1

Case made of corrosion proof zamack with brass gears, aluminum worm drive, permanently self-lubrication powder coated to resist corrosion. Bottom eye coated with white nylon and PVC.

Electric Motor Systems—CSM—11/6

Factory “No Questions Asked” motor replacement 5 year warranty.

Computerized tubular gear motor with fabric tension sensor from Rollup. Factory set for positive opening and closing, Motor 120V drawing less than 1.5 amps. Engineered with a thermal cut-off to prevent motor overheating and integrated disk brake which allows for a smooth, quick change of direction. You can stop your awning in any position from fully extended to partially extended or anyplace in between. The planetary-type, permanently lubricated gears require no maintenance. Optional: Heavy-duty “Hercules” 11/10 for oversize units 24’6 and above.

Optional Manual Override System

Designed with double universal hook and eye. Allows operation from any angle in the event of a power outage.

Options For Electronic Operation:

Wind Sensors, Timers and Remote Controls

Remote Control

Can be used to open and close your awning via remote.

Wind Sensor

Can be programmed to retract when the wind reaches a pre-set speed.


Can be programmed to open or close your awning at a pre-set time.