Since 1979, Roll Up Awnings has been providing homes across Long Island with top quality awnings.

Family-owned, Roll Up Awning has over 20 employees Island-wide to manufacture, install, and service their line of products.

As a knowledgeable, client-focused awnings manufacturer, we guarantee satisfaction to our Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island clientele.

Every Moment Is Better Under A Rollup® Awning.

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Serving Long Island for over 40 years.

For over 40 years, Rollup Awnings has given the customer the best quality with the best engineering, the best selection with the best service for the best price. Rollup knows their customers expect the finest service and understand they want the best product at the best competitive price. When you visit one of our spacious showrooms and manufacturing facility, you will see a wide display of awnings in full operation. Walk through our outdoor and indoor showroom, operate the awnings and get answers from our professional knowledgeable staff to all of your questions. Imagine one of our custom-built awnings on your home. You will understand then, why we are all so proud of our unique awning system.

Exclusive Features
retracted white and green striped Rollup awning mounted on a house
Fully-Enclosed Housing

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

When retracted, your awning is fully concealed in a tubular housing that protects the fabric and motor mechanism from weather, dirt, mildew and water infiltration. Your awning and parts last longer. An additional Exclusive Rollup Feature, an inner clear poly-carbonate liner protects the fabric and motor or gear from the elements.

white chainlink windflex arm for Rollup awnings
Chainlink Windflex Arms®

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

Specially engineered to flex with the wind, this system acts like a shock absorber. Constantly keeping tension on the fabric in any position, removing stress from the arms. No cables or bicycle chains to wear, fray, stretch and break.

white wiper bar for Rollup awnings

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

A self-cleaning feature for longer-lasting fabric. Rolling up your awning automatically wipes away excess water, twigs, leaves and dirt. Practically Maintenance Free.

white C collar bracket for Rollup awnings
Adjustable Pitch

Exclusive Patented Rollup Feature

A specially designed C-Collar Bracket allows for easy pitch adjustment up to 180 degrees. Effectively protects you from the heat and the sun’s harmful rays, and even from the rain when installed with adequate pitch. No Poles or Supports Required.

Rollup awning factory worker (in black shirt) working on awning frame

The awning frame system is constructed of extruded aluminum and tempered to meet or exceed industry standards. All aluminum surfaces are powder coated to prevent peeling, discoloration or corrosion. The front bar seals the housing, arms and fabric when your awning is rolled up.

Rollup awning factory working using red electric screwdriver on white awning frame

All nuts, bolts, screws and supports are made of high quality stainless steel eliminating corrosion. All moving joints are built with iolite self lubricating bronze bushings. No lubrication required.

Rollup awning factory worker (in green shirt) looking at awning fabric

Backed by Rollup’s Industry-Setting 10-year Warranty

Rollup has selected an exclusive collection of fabrics from the finest European weavers in vibrant colors and patterns of solids, stripes and textures. Our fabrics are water, dirt and mildew resistant.

hand holding a white remote control for Rollup awnings
Motorized Remote Operation

From a wind sensor that detects wind speeds and automatically closes your awning to iPhone-operation, your Rollup Awning can be loaded with a ton of additional options that fit your needs.

black, white and grey motor system (on green background) for Rollup awnings
Electric Motor Systems

Backed by our "No Questions Asked" 5-Year Warranty

Computerized tubular gear motor with fabric tension sensor from Rollup Awning. Factory set for positive opening and closing, Motor 120V drawing less than 1.5 amps. Engineered with a thermal cut-off to prevent motor overheating and integrated disk brake, which allows for a smooth, quick change of direction. You can stop your awning in any position from fully extended to partially extended or any place in between. The planetary-type, permanently lubricated gears require no maintenance. 

black and gold manual override on white awning frame
Manual Override System

Optional Feature

Designed with double universal hook and eye. Allows operation from any angle in the event of a power outage.

We've Got You Covered

We specialize in providing expertly assembled and easy to use residential awning options to our customers. Choose one of our retractable deck awnings to enjoy the benefits of remote control, timer, or wind sensing operation. A motorized awning allows you to relax comfortably while shielding yourself from harsh sunlight or rain within a matter of moments. We offer an assortment of different patterns and color schemes to suit your decorative preferences.

Awnings, like most outdoor fixtures, must be maintained. We provide a number of services, including fabric repair and recovering, moving awnings, and motor replacement and repair. In addition to providing quality awnings, we also supply shutters and storm panels to promote relaxation, privacy, and security. Our custom made exterior and interior shutters are ideal for any space and are simple to operate. To protect your home against storms and even hurricane-force winds, ask about our state of the art storm panels. We will happily deliver and professionally install all personalized products for you.

The quality of this awning far surpasses what we saw from others that we looked it. I'm sorry we waited so long to get it.

Bonnie B.

My new Rollup awning is perfect! I use it almost daily, enabling me to sit comfortably on the patio.

Laura T.

We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend it to anyone interested in an awning. Great product & service.

Michael L.

Super! Great sales staff, great installers the most beautiful awnings! Highly recommended!

Cathy A.

They are great people to work with, and I didn't wait long at all. I highly recommend them to do the job.

Kathi K.

The finished product came out great and was everything we needed to get some shade.

Richard C.

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